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Arkansas Sharpening Stones
Arkansas Sharpening Stone
Arkansas Sharpening Stone
$7.95 - $179.95

The Stone that built America. Large sizes available!
In Stock
View Arkansas Sharpening Stone

Norton Water Stones
Norton Water Stones
Norton Water Stones
$39.95 - $149.95
Norton Waterstones to meet all your sharpening needs.
In Stock
View Norton Sharpening Stones
DMT Diamond Sharpening Stones
DMT Diamond Sharpeners
DMT Diamond Sharpening Stones
$7.95 - $179.95
Fast working diamond sharpeners.
In Stock
View DMT Diamond Sharpeners
Wicked Edge Knife Sharpener
Wicked Edge knife sharpening system
Wicked Edge Knife Sharpener
It's simply the best knife sharpener ever made!
In Stock
View Wicked Edge Knife Sharpener
Shapton Logo
Shapton Stones Group
Shapton Stones Sharpeners
$43.95 - $359.95
Shapton Professional and Glass Sharpening Stones
In Stock 
More info Shapton Stones
Norton Knife Sharpeners Logo
Norton Professional Knife Sharpeners
Norton Professional Knife Sharpeners
$56.95 - $178.95
The workhorse in commercial kitchens.
In Stock
Norton Knife Sharpeners
Ultra Sharp Diamond Sharpeners
Ultra Sharp
Diamond Sharpening Stones
$17.95 - $47.95
Fast working diamond sharpeners
In Stock
View Diamond Sharpening Stones
Edge Pro Knife Sharpener
Edge Pro Apex Kit 4 Knife Sharpener
Edge Pro Sharpeners
$149.95 - $224.95
Carefully designed to meet unparalleled performance.
In Stock
View Edge Pro Sharpeners
Chefs Choice Sharpener Logo
Chef Choice Knife Sharpener
Chefs Choice Electric Knife  Sharpeners
$149.95 - $539.95
Chefs Choice Electric Knife Sharpeners
In Stock 
View Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener

Professional Sharpeners

Professional Knife Sharpener
Professional Knife Sharpener
$47.95 - $98.95
Popular with commercial sharpeners and restaurants.
In Stock
View Professional Knife Sharpener
Slip Stones, Carving tool Sharpeners..
Specialty Sharpening Stones
Specialty Sharpeners
$17.95 - $64.95
Slip Stones, File Sets & Carving Tool Sharpeners
In Stock
View Specialty Sharpeners

Lapping Film

Lapping Film
Micro Lapping Film
$6.95 - $26.95
Lapping Film Sheets and Srrips 
In Stock
Lapping Film


Razor Paddle Strops
Leather Paddle Strops
$27.95 - $47.95
Heirloom Paddle Strops, Designed for ease of use.
In Stock
View Razor Strops

Belgian Coticle

Belgian Sharpening Stone
Belgian Sharpening Stones
$48.95 - $389.95
Europe's best kept secret Coticule and Belgian Blue
In Stock 
View Belgian Coticule
Razor Edge Logo
Razor Edge Sharpeners
Razor Edge Sharpeners
$9.95 - $219.95
Made by people who take sharpening seriously.
In Stock
Razor Edge Knife Sharpeners

How to Sharpen

Sharpening How to DVD
Sharpening DVD's
$14.95 - $32.95
Murray Carter and Norton Sharpening DVD's
In Stock
View Sharpening Videos
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