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DMT Diamond Sharpening Stones and Diamond Sharpeners.


There are three reasons DMT sharpeners work so well.  First,  they are made from precisly graded diamond particles.  Second, the particles are distributed densely on the stone. Third, diamond is the hardest sharpening abrasive available.


This combination of exact particle size, even distribution of particles, and hardness makes DMT diamond sharpeners one of the fastest and best sharpening stones we've ever used.  DMT diamond sharpening stones sharpen 8x faster. DMT sharpening stones are available in 120 - 8000 grit and can be used to sharpen anything with a cutting edge.


DMT diamond sharpeners are guaranteed not to hollow or groove and are the most popular diamond sharpener worldwide. A diamond knife sharpening stone is a ‘must-have’ tool for knife enthusiasts, woodworkers and chefs.

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DMT Dia Sharp stone
In Stock    $47.95
8 inch diamond sharpener
Dmt 10 inch sharpener
In Stock    $89.95
DMT 10 inch diamond sharpener
DMT 11 inch Dia Sharp
11” x 2.5” DMT Dia-Sharp
Diamond Sharpening Stone

X, C, F, & EF Grits
In Stock    $64.95
DMT 11 inch Sharpener
DMT 12 inch Dia Sharp
12” x 3” DMT Combination
Stone with Magnabase

X/C, & F/E Grits
In Stock    $179.95
DMT 12 inch Sharpener
dmt d8ee sharpener
In Stock    $78.95
DMT Sharpener D8EE
DMT Dia Sharp D8XX
In Stock    $76.95
DMT Sharpener D8XX
dmt 4000 grit sharpener
In Stock    $78.95
DMT Sharpener D8ME
DMT Lapping Plate
DMT Lapping Plate
In Stock    $189.95
DMT Lapping Plate border=
Duo-Sharp Plus Diamond Knife Sharpener
DMT 8” Duo-Sharp Plus
Combination Bench Stone
(CF & FE Grits)
In Stock    $67.95
DMT Duo-Sharp Plus sharpener
10 inch Duo-Sharp Diamond Knife Sharpener with base
DMT 10” Duo-Sharp
Combination Bench Stone
(CF & FE Grits)
In Stock    $134.95
Large DMT Duo-Sharp diamond sharpener
DMT folding knife sharpener
DMT folding knife sharpener
In Stock    $31.95
DMT folding knife sharpener
DMT Aligner Diamond Knife Sharpener
DMT Aligner Guided
Knife Sharpening Kit
In Stock    $49.95
DMT Guided Sharpening Kit
DMT whetstone
DMT 6” Diamond
Whetstone Sharpener
(X, C, F & E Grits)
In Stock    $34.95
DMT whetstone
DMT 4-Stone Kit 2
In Stock    $207.80
DMT sharpening stone kit
DMT 5-Stone Kit
In Stock    $286.75
DMT 5 Stone Kit
DMT Diamond Sharpening Steel
DMT Diamond Sharpening Steel
In Stock    $32.95
DMT Sharpening Steel
DMT Stone Holder
For Dou-Sharp Stones
In Stock    $15.95
DMT Stone Holder
DMT Knife Sharpening Guide
In Stock    $9.95
DMT angle guide
6 inch diamond sharpener
In Stock    $26.95
6 inch DMT diamond sharpener
Sharpening Stone Holder
Stone Holder For All
Stones 6-9 inches
In Stock    $15.95
Sharpening Stone Holder


We stock your favorite DMT diamond sharpener including popular Dia Sharp and Duo Sharp diamond sharpening stones.
All DMT Sharpening Stones and Sharpeners are made in the USA.
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