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Edge Pro Knife Sharpener

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  Edge Pro Knife Sharpener
  Edge Pro Knife Sharpener
  Edge Pro Knife Sharpener

The Edge Pro Knife Sharpener is one of our favorite knife sharpeners.


The Edge Pro Knife Sharpener is easy to use and allows anyone to get a razor edge in minutes!


The Edge Pro knife sharpeners fine engineering provides the superior quality of hand sharpening while ensuring perfect results every time.  It very a well built and easy to use knife sharpener.


The Edge Pro Knife Sharpener kits include everything you'll need.  Please view our demos below.



Ö   Sets Up in Seconds

Ö   Easy To Use

Ö   Perfect Edge Every Time

Ö   Precise Angle Control

Ö   10°-35°Angle

Ö   120 to 3000 Grits Available

Ö   Change Grits in Seconds

Ö   Choose from 4 Kits

Ö   Complete instructions included

Products                                                Watch Demos 

              Edge Pro Kits         




                  Basic Instructions and FAQ


              Accessory Stones       




                        Setting The Angle          


  Polishing Strips to 6000 Grit 




                    Polishing Your Knife


     Edge Pro Arkansas Stones 




                 Sharpening Serrated Knives

The Edge Pro Knife Sharpeners patented guide system will quickly sharpen any size or shape blade.
It is very easy to use and gives you a perfect edge every time.   You won’t be disappointed!

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