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Norton IM200 Knife Sharpener

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Norton IM200 Knife Sharpener
Norton IM 200 Knife Sharpener
Norton IM200 - Trusted by Professionals
The Norton IM200 knife sharpener is the professionals choice and is a workhorse in kitchens and butcher shops worldwide.
The Norton IM200 features three 8" x 2" sharpening stones including the fast cutting coarse silicon carbide, medium silicon carbide and fine India stone for final honing.
The heavy-duty plastic case has no-slip rubber feet to hold the stones firmly in place while sharpening. The case acts a reservoir for the oil. The oil reservoir keeps the stones soaking in oil which keeps them clean and ready to use. You simply rotate the axis and bring your desired stone into position for use
All of the stones are replaceable and a range of stones are available beyond those supplied with the original purchase permitting the end user to not only replace worn or damaged stones but to also substitute different stones.
The system features three large 8" x 2" oil stones in a convenient, easy-to-use system and is ideal for sharpening large knives and tools.
The Professional Sharpener Includes:
  • 3 Sharpening Stones 8" x 2"
  • Coarse, Medium and Fine Sharpening Stones
  • FDA approved honing oi
  • Heavy-Duty Oil Bath and High Impact Case
  • Instructions
This professional sharpener includes everything you need to go from dull to razor sharp.
You will not be disappointed!
For Questions Please Call: (866) 286-2049
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Norton IM 200 Sharpener

Item#: IM-200
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Price: $89.95

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The Norton IM200 Knife Sharpener includes 3 standard high quality sharpening stones, angle guide, high impact case and large honing oil.