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Shapton Field Holder
Shapton Field
Shapton Field Holder.
The Shapton Field Holder can hold up to three Shapton Glass stones. In addition, the Shapton Field Holder is also a stable, non-slip base that can be used to hold the stones for storage and transporting.
The Shapton Stone Holder provides a stable base to hold individual Glass Stones. It is made of rubber and glass so it can be rinsed off easily. There is nothing to rust or wear out.
Designed for use with all Shapton Glass Stones
  • Size: 3.5" x 9".
  • Nothing to rust or wear out
  • Instructions Included
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Shapton Field Holder

Item#: SH-5300
In Stock

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Price: $76.95

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There are no parts to rust or break. It will last you a lifetime. You will not be disappointed!