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Shapton Professional Waterstones
Shapton Glass Stones Group
Shapton Professional Sharpening Stones.
Shapton Professional Stones feature the highest quality ceramic abrasives on the market. Shapton Stones have been designed for fast sharpening and low maintenance. Shapton stones do not need to be soaked in water, you simply splash on a little water and go.
Shapton engineers have combined high quality ceramic particles, a uniform particle size, and the perfectly even distribution of those particles resulting in one of the finest sharpening abrasives available today.
Shapton Professional stones are made with a ceramic cutting media which wears much more slowly than aluminum oxide and silicon carbide which are commonly found in man-made water stones. The result in a similar thickness stone lasting 4-5 times longer
Shapton Professional Water Stones were carefully developed to sharpen a wide variety of steels. Shapton Manufacturing is very precise. When you open a shapton stone you will see the careful attention to detail.
Shapton Professional Stones are available in grits ranging from 120 to 15,000.
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  • Stone Size: 8.25" x 2.75".
  • Grits: 120 to 15,000.
  • Highest quality abrasives.
  • No need to soak before use.
  • Lasts longer than other water stones.
  • Instructions Included
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Shapton Professional Stones

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Grits Available:  120 - 15,000
Price: $56 - $113
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