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Wicked Edge Accessory Stone

Wicked Edge extra fine accessory stone

Wicked Edge Accessory Stones
In addition to the 100/200 and 400/600 stones that come standard with the Wicked Edge, we offer the 50/80, 800/1000, 1200/1600, and the new .6/1.4 micron Wicked Edge accessory stones.
The Wicked Edge accessory stones come in a range of grits from 50 to 50,000 ensuring the perfect edge for every purpose.
Each accessory stone is a two-sided combination stone. Each order comes with 4 stones mounted on 2 hones as shown in the pictures above and right.
The grits available are listed below:
  • 50/80               Extra, Extra Coarse
  • 100/200           Coarse
  • 400/600           Medium
  • 800/1000         Fine
  • 1200/1600       Extra Fine
  • .6/1.4 micron   Extra, Extra Fine
  • (Choose your grits from the drop-down window on the right of this page.)
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Wicked Edge Accessory Stone

Item#: WE
In Stock

Wicked Edge  50/80  $70
Wicked Edge  100/200  $70
Wicked Edge  400/600  $70
Wicked Edge  800/1000  $70
Wicked Edge  1200/1600  $85
Wicked Edge  .6/1.4 micron  $120
Choose Grit: 
Wicked Edge Sharpener
Wicked Edge 800/1000 accessory stone
Wicked Edge 1200/1600 accessory stone
Wicked Edge extra fine accessory stone
.6/1.4 micron


Wicked Edge Accessory Stones
Wicked Edge Accessory stones are available in a range of grits from the Coarse 50/80 to the Ultra Fine .6/1.4 micron.