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DMT Diamond Sharpening Stone

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Made in the USA


DMT Diamond Sharpening Stone

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d8e diamond sharpening stone

DMT 8 inch Dia-Sharp Diamond Sharpening Stone!
Our most popular size DMT sharpening stone. It is large enough to handle any tool or knife and is available in a wide range of grits.
DMT diamond sharpening stones work 8 times faster than other sharpening abrasives.
The large 8" x 3" size is ideal for all knives and tools.
All DMT sharpeners are guaranteed to be free of defects. Any products found to be defective will be replaced free of charge.
Made in the USA
  • Stone Size: 8" x 3"
  • 8 times faster than other abrasives.
  • Easy to use. Ideal for novice or expert.
  • Guaranteed not to hollow or groove.
  • Non-skid rubber feet.
  • Complete Instructions Included.
  • Complete Instructions
We also stock the 8000 grit Extra-Extra Fine and the Extra-Extra Coarse 120 Grit . The 8000 and 120 grit stones are listed separately.
D8EE 8000 grit EE Fine

D8EE 120 grit XX Coarse

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DMT Diamond Sharpening Stone

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Extra-Coarse, Coarse, Fine, Extra-Fine
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DMT Dia-Sharp Diamond Sharpening Stones
DMT Diamond Sharpeners are very easy to use and gives you a perfect edge every time.