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DMT Stone Holder
DMT Base
DMT Duo Base
The DMT© Stone Holder fits 8" and 10" DuoSharp© stones and any 6" x 2" bench stone.
The holder keeps your stones securely in place while sharpening and provides knuckle clearance.
The holder also has a handle on the bottom so you can sharpen by moving the stone to the blade rather than bringing a large heavy blade or axe to the stone.
Made in the USA
  • Fits any Duo Sharp stone
  • Provides 2" knuckle clearance for ease of use
  • Non-skid rubber feet.
  • Durable construction.
  • Can be used handheld
We also stock the 4000 grit Extra-Extra Fine and the Extra-Extra Coarse 120 Grit . The 4000 and 120 grit stones are listed separately.
D8ME 4000 grit

D8EE 120 grit XX Coarse

To see all DMT Sharpeners please click the link below.
All DMT Sharpening Stones
DMT Stone Holder

Item#: B8250
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Price: $15.95

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