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Belgian Sharpening Stone Kit

Belgian Sharpening Stone Kit

Belgian Blue/Coticule Sharpening Kit - Belgian Blue and Coticule sharpening stones are natural-earth stones with unique sharpening abilities.
Belgian sharpening stones contain a large percentage of garnet crystals. Garnet is only third in hardness behind diamond and corundum. The crystals are shaped like a soccer ball which makes them ideal for sharpening.
This unique shape of the crystals together with their hardness results in a combination of fast cutting and fine honing that is unmatched by other stones.
This kit contains 1-2"x 6" Blue Stone, 1- 2"x 6" Coticule and 1 Slurry stone.

  • Stone Size: 6"
  • Grit - 4000 & 8000
  • Produces a Razor-Sharp Edge
  • Use with water
  • Use and Care Instructions Included

Item#: BLG-KIT

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