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Shapton Sharpening Stones

There are three reasons Shapton Sharpening Stones work so well. First, Shapton Glass Stones are made from the most carefully graded ceramic particles on the market.
Second, Shapton stones have a very high density of those particles.
Third, the key aspect of Shapton Sharpening Stones is the high degree of uniformity in the distribution of the particles. The even particle distribution results in fast honing at every grit level.
This combination of uniform particle size and the dense, even distribution of those particles makes Shapton Glass Stones one of the fastest sharpening abrasives available.
Shapton is so confident in their grading system that they are the only stones marked with the abrasive size down to 2 decimal places. You won't be disappointed.


Shapton Glass Stone Set - 50408

Shapton Glass Stone Set - 50408

Shapton Glass Stone Set 500, 2k, 16k + Field HolderIn Stock $306Get Details
Shapton Glass Stone Seven

Shapton Glass Stone Seven

Shapton Glass Stone Seven 500, 2k, 30k + more...In Stock $349Get Details
Shapton Lapping Plate

Shapton Lapping Plate

The best and flattest
diamond lapping plate
In Stock $379Get Details
Shapton Stone Holder

Shapton Stone Holder

Holds your Glass Stones in place while sharpeningOut of Stock $116Get Details