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DMT 4000 Stone

DMT 4000 Stone

DMT Dia-Sharp 4000 Grit Extra, Extra Fine Stone
The DMT D8ME 4000 grit diamond sharpening stone is the finest diamond sharpening stone available. 
DMT has created a Extra Extra Fine Diamond Stone which quickly became a favorite of discerning knife enthusiasts, woodworkers and straight razors users.
It is our opinion that 4000 grit leave the perfect finish on tools and knives. 4000 girt is fine enough to cut quickly and cleanly but still leaves enough tooth on the edge to give the user control. The ideal grit for chefs and sportsmen. 
The 8" length and 3" width allows for longer strokes and faster honing. The super fine 4000 grit leaves a highly polished edge that is the perfect finish for knives and tools.
DMT Dia-Sharp D8ME 4000 grit stays flat and is guaranteed not to hollow or groove.
Made in the USA

  • Stone Size: 8" x 3"
  • 8 times faster than other abrasives.
  • Grit: 4000 Extra, Extra Fine
  • Guaranteed not to hollow or groove.
  • Non-skid rubber feet.
  • Use with water or oil.
  • Complete Instructions.

We also stock the 8000 grit Extra-Extra Fine and the Extra-Extra Coarse 120 Grit . The 8000 and 120 grit stones are listed separately.

Item#: DMT-D8ME

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