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DMT Lapping Plate

DMT Lapping Plate

DMT Lapping Plate
The Dia-Flat Lapping Plate designed to easily flatten all conventional and water stones and oil stones in less time than other methods. 
This aggressive lapping plate features a diamond surface that is precision ground and hand certified flat to +/- 0.0005". 
The 10"length and 4" width allows for longer strokes and faster flattening. 
DMT Lapping Plate grit stays flat and is guaranteed not to hollow or groove.
Made in the USA

  • Stone Size: 10" x 4"
  • Uses the new DMT Diamond Hardcoat Technology
  • Hand certified for flatness to +/- 0.0005"
  • Grit: 120
  • Outlasts any other diamond coating in the market.
  • Non-skid rubber feet.
  • Complete Instructions.

We also stock the 8000 grit Extra-Extra Fine and the Extra-Extra Coarse 120 Grit . The 8000 and 120 grit stones are listed separately.


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