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Edge Pro Apex Magnet

Edge Pro Apex Magnet

Edge Pro Magnet
The Magnet for the Edge Pro Apex helps hold the knife in place while sharpening and is a great addition to the Apex.
Installing the Edge Pro Apex magnet is VERY simple. The housing simply press fits (tightly) under the table and instructs are provided. For older models, you may have to replace the leg screws (which are provided) to make room for the magnet.You may find the occasional knife where the magnetism will hinder your ability to sharpen. So instead of permanently attaching the magnet under the table, the Edge Pro Magnet allows the user to quickly and easily activate and deactivate the magnet by raising and lowering it, no tools required. Use the magnetic knife sharpener when it's helpful, lower the magnet when it's not. Quick and simple. Just the way we like it.
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