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KME Axe Sharpener

KME Axe Sharpener

KME Axe Sharpener - Complete System
The KME Axe Sharpener is the first angle-guided sytem designed for axes and hatchets. It makes it very easy to get a razor sharp edge on any axe or hatchet.
The KME Axe Sharpener works on any type of axe including convex bevels and standard flat V grinds.
The patent pending magnetic base holds securely to your axe and can be placed in a variety of positions to sharpen axes and hatchets of various shapes and sizes.
The KME Axe Sharpener includes a rugged pouch for portability, protection and storage.
100% Made in the USA
Note: If you already have the KME Knife Sharpener you do not need to buy the complete set. Please see The KME Axe Sharpener Accessory by clicking on the link to the right.
The KME Axe Sharpening System Includes:

  • Axe sharpening guide with magnetic base.
  • Micro adjustable angle guide
  • Straight guide rod
  • Convex guide rod
  • Stone holder
  • 1 XXC-100 grit diamond stone (For profiling or repairing damaged edges)
  • 1 Coarse 120 grit aluminum oxide ceramic stone
  • 1 Medium 320 grit aluminum oxide ceramic stone
  • 1 Fine grit hard Arkansas stone
  • Zippered Pouch
  • Honing oil, shop rag and sharpie
  • Complete Instructions
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Shipping