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KME Axe Sharpener Accessory

KME Axe Sharpener Accessory

KME Axe Sharpener Accessory
The KME Axe Sharpener Accessory is an add-on for those that all ready have the KME Knife Sharpener. If you do not already have a KME Knife Sharpener, please see the KME Axe Sharpener Complete System by clicking on the related items on the right.
The KME Axe Sharpener is the first angle-guided sytem designed for axes and hatchets. It makes it very easy to get a razor sharp edge on any axe or hatchet.
The KME Axe Sharpener works on any type of axe including convex bevels and standard flat V grinds.
The patent pending magnetic base holds securely to your axe and can be placed in a variety of positions to sharpen axes and hatchets of various shapes and sizes.
The KME Axe Sharpener includes a rugged pouch for portability, protection and storage.
KME expects everyone who purchases their products to be 100% satisfied and they build every sharpener with that in mind. KME sharpeners come with a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.
100% Made in the USA
The KME Axe Sharpening Accessory Includes:

  • Axe sharpening guide with magnetic base.
  • Micro adjustable angle guide
  • Complete Instructions
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Shipping

For Questions Please Call: (866) 286-2049

Item#: KME-ASA

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