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Pride Abrasive 400 Grit Water Stone

Pride Abrasive 400 Grit Water Stone

The Pride Abrasive 400 Water Stone is perfect for repairing nicked, damaged or severely worn blades. For further refinement you can progress to the 1000 or 3000 grit stones.
Like the other Pride stones, it removes steel at a very fast rate. It is fast enough that you can use it to re-profile or create a secondary bevel.
Pride Abrasive water stones are well priced, sharpening quickly, hold up well and leave an edge you expect from a premium water stone.
They are in a class with high grade Japanese waterstones like Sigma and Shapton Glass Stones.  They perform better than Norton, Bester/Imanishi, Chosera and cheaper imported stones.
Having sharpened with every major brand of water stone, we can say the Pride water stones deserve to be classed with the best of them. Their combination of speed, durability and finish is as good or better than any we have used.
They cut premium tool steels like A2, D2, O1 quickly and their finish is what you should expect from their given grit level.
Like any good water stone, they should be soaked in water for 10-15 minutes prior to use.
You will not be disappointed with this water stone. Made in Bristol Wisconsin, USA.

  • Size: 8 x 3 x 1"
  • Grit: 400
  • Primary Use: Re-profile and Repair
  • Faster than other water stones
  • Great durability
  • Made in the USA