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Shapton Glass Stone 10,000 Grit (used)

Shapton Glass Stone<br> 10,000 Grit (used)

Shapton Glass Stone 10,000 Grit - Condition: Used   Save $50.00

This stone has been lightly used.  We lapped it to make sure it is flat.  
The regular price is $143. We are listing this item at $93.  It was returned to us in its original packaging.  When placed beside a brand new set of stones there appears to be no wear on the stones.  Our guarantee and return policy apply to this item.  

Shapton Glass Stone 10000 Grit
The Shapton Glass Stone 10000 grit is unequaled by other water stones. The high concentration of ceramic particles results in fast honing unmatched by competitors.
The Shapton 10000 is a very fine grit and leaves a mirror polish on knives and tools.
Shapton Glass Stones feature the highest quality ceramic abrasives on the market and are designed for fast honing and low maintenance.

  • Size: 8 1/4" x 2 3/4"
  • Grit: 10000
  • Unequaled quality

Item#: SHGLB18-U

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