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Shapton Glass Stone Seven

Shapton Glass Stone Seven

Shapton Stone Seven with Lapping Plate and Stone Holder
The Shapton Glass Stone Seven sharpening set includes three stones, a stone holder and a diamond lapping plate all packaged in a beautiful storage box. 
This sharpening stones are splash & go meaning you don't have to soak them in water, just splash on a little water and start sharpening.
The stone holder keeps your stones firmly in place while sharpening and also raises the stone off the work surface to provide knuckle clearance. 
The diamond lapping plate allows to you quickly and easily keep your stones flat. 
This popular set gives you everything you needs to keep your knives and tools shaving sharp. 
The Shapton Glass Stone Seven kit is the highest quality sharpening stone set we've seen and is exactly the high quality you would expect from Shapton. 

  • Includes 500, 2000 and 30000 grits.
  • Diamond Lapping Plate
  • Stone Holder
  • Custom Storage Box
  • Stone Size: 6.3" x 1.45" x .47"  - (160 x 37 x 12mm )
  • Lapping Plate Size: 6.4 x 1.6"
  • Instructions Included