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Wicked Edge Sharpener Model 120

Wicked Edge Sharpener<br> Model 120

Wicked Edge 120 Sharpener
The main difference between the Model 100 and the Model 120 is that the 120 features a riser block that raises the knife higher and allows for steeper angles.
The Wicked Edge 120 allows for 13 to 35 degree angles, features ball-jointed arms, angle adjustments in .05" increments and it's made in the USA.We give you the option of buying the Wicked Edge 120 either with the Quartz Stone Base or without a base. The Wicked Edge 120 sharpener with the quartz stone base is the best value you'll find anywhere. Both options come with free shipping and 2-3 day guaranteed delivery.
Trust us, the Wicked Edge Sharpener is foolproof and we guarantee that you will be able to take a dull knife and make it razor sharp in a matter of minutes.
The Wicked Edge 120 Sharpener Includes:

  • Ball-Jointed Arms
  • Micro Angle Adjustments in .05" increments
  • 13 to 35 angles
  • 100,200,400, and 600 Grit Diamond Stones
  • Quartz Stone Base (optional)
  • Alignment tool for precision mounting.
  • Knife brace for sharpening flexible blades.
  • Hardware for mounting the base
  • Free Shipping
  • Complete Instructions


  • 13 to 35 angles
  • Max Blade Width 3/8"
  • Angle Adjustment: .5"increments
Instruction Manual for Wicked Edge Model 120