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Wicked Edge Pro Pack 3

Wicked Edge<br> Pro Pack 3

Wicked Edge Pro Pack 3 
The Wicked Edge Pro Pack 3 is the most versatile sharpening set from Wicked Edge.
The advantages of the hardware included in the Wicked Edge Pro Pack 3 are:
1. An expanded angle range from 10-35 degrees. (The widest angle range of any Wicked Edge system)
2. The Pro Pack 3 features ball joints which allow for a smoother feel.
3. The micro-adjustment feature allows you to adjust the angle to a finer level. (Micro-adjustments of +/- .05 degrees) 
Trust us, the Wicked Edge Pro Pack 3 includes everything you need to take a dull knife and make it razor sharp in a matter of minutes.
The Wicked Edge Pro Pack 3 Includes:

  • Generation 3 Cam-Lock Vise
  • Aluminum Base
  • Longer Guide Rods with Ball Joints.
  • Micro-adjustments of +/- .05 degrees.
  • 100,200,400,600,800,1000 Grit Diamond Stones
  • 1500 Grit Diamond Stones and Blank Glass Platens Pack
  • 6 Micron Diamond Lapping Film
  • 4/2 Micron Strop
  • Digital Angle Guage
  • Low Angle Adapter
  • Extra jaw set for 1/4" blades
  • Advanced Alignment Guide
  • Hard Carrying Case with Wheels and Retractable Handle
  • Hardware for mounting the base
  • Complete Instructions
  • Free Shipping with 2-3 Day Guaranteed Delivery


  • 10 to 35 angles
  • Max Blade Width 3/8"
  • Angle Adjustment: .05 increments
Instruction Manual for Wicked Edge Model 130

Item#: WE130PR3-18

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