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Wicked Edge Field and Sport

Wicked Edge<br> Field and Sport

Wicked Edge Field and Sport -  Includes New Upgrades
The Wicked Edge Field and Sport is portable version of the Wicked Edge.
The Wicked Edge Field and Sport features the new ball-jointed arms and angle adjustments from 13 to 35 degrees.
We've tested dozens of knife sharpeners and the Wicked Edge works far better than any knife sharpener we've seen. It is the most well built, easy to use sharpener we've ever used.
There's a reason the Wicked Edge was selected as Blade Magazine's knife sharpener of the year, it's simply the best knife sharpener ever invented. The Field and Sport is portable and allows anyone to get a razor edge in minutes!
Trust us, the Wicked Edge Field and Sport is foolproof and we guarantee that you will be able to take a dull knife and make it razor sharp in a matter of minutes.
The Field and Sport includes free shipping and 2-3 day guaranteed delivery.
The Field and Sport Includes:

  • Wicked Edge Field and Sport
  • Ball-Jointed Arms
  • Micro Angle Adjustments in 1 increments
  • Angles from 13 to 35 degrees
  • Maximum Blade Width: 3/8 inch
  • 100,200,400 and 600 Grit Diamond Stones
  • Case for carrying and storage
  • Complete Instructions
  • Free Shipping with 2-3 Day Guaranteed Delivery


  • 13 to 35 angles
  • Max Blade Width 3/8"
  • Angle Adjustment: .05increments

Item#: WE200

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