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Wicked Edge 3000 Grit Stone / Glass Blank

Wicked Edge 3000 Grit Stone / Glass Blank

Wicked Edge 30000 Grit Diamond Stone Pack
The Wicked Edge 30000 Grit stone quickly creates a razor sharp edge on any knife. This stones has 3000 grit diamonds on one side and blank glass plates on the other.
The glass plates are intended to be used with lapping film. We include a package of lapping film consisting of 8 strips each of 4000, 8000 and 14000 grits with the Wicked Edge 3000 Grit Stone.  The lapping film is peel-and-stick.  You simply peel off a strip of lapping film and  stick it to the glass blank. 

  • 3000 Grit Diamonds Stones
  • 4000, 8000 and 14000 grit lapping films
  • Works on all Wicked Edge Sharpeners
  • Creates hair popping edges on any knife