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Wicked Edge Gen 3 Pro - Used

Wicked Edge<br> Gen 3 Pro - Used

This Gen 3 Pro is like new. The only reason it is listed is used is because it was shipped to a customer and returned because his wife wouldn't let him keep it. Once a product leaves our shop it is sold as used regardless of the condition. This one appears to be perfect.

Gen 3 Pro The Gen 3 Pro has been redesigned from the bottom up to accommodate more knife styles, provide smoother clamping, even easier angle setting, and operate with even more precision.

The Wicked Edge Gen 3 Sharpener is the ultimate knife sharpener. It gives you the same razor-sharp edge as the original Wicked Edge plus many upgrades.
The Wicked Edge Gen 3 features the new ball-jointed arms, Cam-Lock Vise Jaws, one-step angle adjustment from 14 to 27 degrees, and a simple one-step clamping mechanism.
The Gen 3 is mounted to a sturdy work station that has plenty of room for storing accessories.
We've tested dozens of knife sharpeners and the Wicked Edge works far better than any knife sharpener we've seen. It is the most well built, easy to use sharpener we've ever used.
There's a reason the Wicked Edge was selected as Blade Magazine's knife sharpener of the year, it's simply the best knife sharpener ever invented. The Gen 3 allows anyone to get a razor edge in minutes!
Trust us, the Wicked Edge Gen 3 is foolproof and we guarantee that you will be able to take a dull knife and make it razor-sharp in a matter of minutes.
The Gen 3 includes free shipping and 2-3 day guaranteed delivery.
The Wicked Edge Gen 3 Includes:

  • Wicked Edge Gen 3 Sharpener
  • Ball-Jointed Arms
  • Cam-Lock Vise Jaws
  • Angle adjustment from 14 to 27 degrees
  • 100,200,400,600,800 and 1000 Grit Diamond Stones
  • Work Station with storage
  • One-Step angle adjustment
  • One-Step clamping
  • Free Shipping
  • Complete Instructions

New 2018 Features:

  • Fully enclosed cam to prevent metal filings from fouling the cam
  • Adjustable vise tension to accommodate a wider range of knife thicknesses
  • Redesigned cam follower with molybdenum impregnated nylon bearing surface
  • Redesigned jaw profile to reduce interference 
    at lower angles
  • Split jaw tops to provide better grip on knives
    with distal tapers
  • Redesigned inside jaw faces for better grip on a wider variety of knife profiles
  • Replaced legacy Depth Key slots with holes for more precise indexing of the blade while mounting
  • Milled Pocket to hold the Depth Key
  • Cosmetic changes to the cabinet to improve the looks of the unit
  • Extra shelf slot to fit an optional third shelf for additional stone storage
  • Designed to be ready for cabinet removal and conversion to free standing storage unit which allows for a more ergonomic operating height
  • All angle setting components now have adjustable, non-friction surfaces for smoother, more precise action
  • Top plate is now anodized, replacing the powder coated finish for crisper, more positive angle locking
  • Micro-adjustments have been redesigned with a knurled thumb wheel for rapid adjustment without tool
Instruction Manual for Wicked Edge Gen 3 Pro

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