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Belgian Sharpening Stones

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Belgian Coticule sharpening stones are natural-earth stones with unique sharpening abilities. The yellow Coticule stone is often used as a razor hone and is an extra-fine 8000 grit. The Coticule is popular with straight-razor users, woodworkers and knife-enthusiasts who want the very best.
Belgian sharpening stones contain a large percentage of garnet crystals. Garnet is only third in hardness behind diamond and corundum. The unique shape of the crystals together with their hardness results in a combination of fast cutting and fine honing that is unmatched by other stones.
The Blue Stone is 4000 grit and composed of 20-30% garnet crystals. It is available in larger sizes up to 12" x 4" which makes it ideal for larger knives and plane blades.

Belgian Blue Stone
4000 Grit


  Belgian Coticule
8000 Grit


  Belgian Slurry Stones
8000 Grit


  Belgian Blue/Coticule Sharpening Kit


We stock your favorite Belgian sharpening stone including Belgian Coticule and Belgain Blue Stone.