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Norton Waterstones

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Norton Waterstones were created by a Norton engineer who is also a dedicated woodworker and bladesmith. Norton sharpening stones combine craftsmanship with the latest abrasive technology to produce a truly superior sharpening stone.


Norton Waterstones are an excellent choice where speed and a razor-sharp edge are required.


Woodworkers, Sportsman and great chefs have trusted Norton quality for over 150 years.  You too can depend on Norton Water Stones to meet all your sharpening needs.


We stock a complete line of Norton Waterstones and offer discounts on our popular kits.  Most of our kits include Free Shipping!

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Norton 4000/8000
Norton 4000/8000 Combination Waterstone
In Stock    $86.95
Norton 1000/4000
Norton 1000/4000 Combination Waterstone
In Stock    $59.95
Norton 220/1000 Combination
Norton 220/1000 Combination Waterstone 
In Stock    $42.95
Norton 1000/8000
Norton 1000/8000 Combination Waterstone
In Stock    $74.95
Norton Waterstone Kit - 2
Norton Waterstone Kit - 2 Combo Stones Included   
In Stock    $119.95
Norton Waterstone Starter Kit
Norton Waterstone Starter Kit Free Shipping   
In Stock    $139.95
Norton Waterstone Kit -Deluxe
Norton Waterstone Kit -Deluxe
Free Shipping
In Stock    $149.95
Norton Sharpening Stone Kit
Norton Sharpening Stone Kit - 4 Stones Included
In Stock    $205.95
Norton 220 Grit Waterstone
Norton 220 Grit Water Stone
In Stock    $26.95
Norton 1000 Grit Waterstone
Norton 1000 Grit Water Stone
In Stock    $44.95
Norton 4000 Grit Waterstone
Norton 4000 Grit Water Stone
In Stock    $61.95
Norton 8000 Grit Waterstone
Norton 8000 Grit Water Stone
In Stock    $86.95
Norton Flattening Stone
Norton Flattening Stone
In Stock    $24.95
Norton Prep Stone
Norton Prep Stone
In Stock    $14.95
Norton Sharpening DVD
Norton Sharpening DVD
In Stock    $24.95
Norton Professional Knife Shapreners
Norton Professional Knife Sharpeners
In Stock
Norton Grit Chart

220 Grit (65 micron)
Restore and repair
damaged edges

1000 Grit (14 micron)
All purpose sharpening
and maint

Extra Fine
4000 Grit (6 micron)
Edge refinement for
, cleaner cutting

Extra Extra Fine
  8000 Grit (3 micron)
Extra fine polish
and razor edges


We stock every grit of Norton Waterstones from 220 to 8000 grit. We have Norton Waterstones for sale in single grit and combination stones.
Orders are shipped within 1 business day with 2-3 day standard delivery within the USA (including AK and HI).