Wicked Edge Models Comparison

Wicked Edge Models Comparison
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Wicked Edge Model Comparison  
Let me start by saying that all the Wicked Edge Models will get your knife sharper than you've ever imagined. Which model is best for you is really a matter of personal preference. The Wicked Edge Sharpener is available in 5 basic models, 3 Pro Packs and 2 Field & Sport models. All models come with the newer ball-jointed guide rods and will sharpen knives with blades up to 15" long. The main difference between the basic models is the angle range and the clamping mechanism.
Wicked Edge Basic Models
The 5 basic models are the 100, 120, 130, Generation 3 and the Wicked Edge Go.
The Model 100 was the first model and is the most popular model sold. The 100 has the standard parallel-facing jaws which can securely hold a wide variety of knife styles. We have not found a knife that these jaws can't hold. The WE100 also has independent angle adjustment on both sides of the sharpener. The angle range is 15 to 30 which is sufficient for 99% of our customers.
The Wicked Edge Model 120 is basically the same as the Model 100 except there is riser block added that raises the height of the jaws and expands the angle range from 15-30 to 13-35.
The Model 130 features the Cam Lock jaws which make it a little quicker to mount your knife. It takes about 30 seconds to mount your knife in the standard jaws and about 5 seconds to mount the knife in the Cam Lock Jaws. This vise is ideal for accommodating a wide variety of knife grinds, including fully flat and hollow ground blades and distally tapered blades. The 130 also has an angle range of 13 to 35.
The Generation 3 Pro has the same Cam Lock Jaws as the Model 130 plus two key differences. The Gen 3 is the only model with the 1-step angle adjustment. The 1-step angle adjustment allows you to adjust both angles simultaneously which again, saves about a minute in the set-up time. It is also the only model mounted on a cabinet. The cabinet helps to keep your stones organized. The Gen 3 Pro has an angle range of 14 to 27.
The Wicked Edge Go is the portable model as its name implies. Rather than being mounted to a base with screws, the Go is easily clamped to any table or bench with a C-clamp. The Go also has pre-drilled holes and can be screwed to any service if desired. The Wicked Edge Go can sharpen knives up to 15" long and has an angle range of 15 to 30.
The Model 100, 120 & 130 all come with the 100/200 and 400/600 grit stones. The base is optional. The Generation 3 comes with the same stones as the 100, 120 and 130 plus the 800/1000 grit stones. The Wicked Edge Go comes with the 200/600 grit stones.
Wicked Edge Pro Packs
There are three Wicked Edge Pro Packs. All Pro Packs include the standard 100/200 and 400/600 grit diamond stones. All Pro Packs also include a base.
The Pro Pack 1 is the Model 100 Sharpener plus the additional 800/1000 stones and the 5/3.5 leather strops. The Wicked Edge Pro Pack 1 is by far the most popular Pro Pack.
The Pro Pack 2 is the Model 120 Sharpener plus the additional 800/1000 stones, 1.4/6 micron stones, 1/.5 leather strops plus a digital angle gauge.
The Pro Pack 3 is the Model 130 Sharpener plus the additional 800/1000 stones, 1500/glass stones, 4/2 micron strops, 6 micron lapping film, digital angle gauge, Low Angle Adapter and the Hard Case with wheels and retractable handles.
Wicked Edge Field & Sport Models
Finally, there are two Wicked Edge Portable Models (formally called Field and Sport Models).
The WE120 Portable (formally called Field and Sport Model 220) is the portable version of Model 120. It easily clamps to any firm surface with the included C-Clamp and comes in a carrying case. All other features are the same as the Wicked Edge Model 120.
The WE130 Portable (formally called the Field and Sport Pro) is the portable version of Model 130. It easily clamps to any surface with the included C-Clamp. There is a pre-drilled hole in the bottom of the jaw assembly which could be used for mounting it to a base. The WE130 Portable comes in a carrying case. All other features are the same as the Wicked Edge Model 130.
The Wicked Edge Model 100 and Pro Pack 1 remain the most popular models. They have an angle range of 15 to 30 and can sharpen a knife with a blade length of up to 15" which is more than enough for almost every sharpening application.
The 120 and Pro Pack 2 give you an expanded angle range and the 130, Gen 3 and Pro Pack 3 all have the Cam Lock Jaws.
Again, all the Wicked Edge Models will get your knife sharper than it's ever been. You won't be disappointed regardless of which model you choose.
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Comparison Chart